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While this action itself is still in beta, the 'spam log' this action allows to view, maintain and manage is very much "live" and actually used for logging rejected "spammy submissions", which can be comments, pages or feedback.
This is a test page for the (beta) SpamLog action.

Current data are a little bit "lacking" since during development the format changed somewhat. (The edit functionality was used to add placeholders for missing data; from now on new data should be writting in this format.)

While it's already possible to "clear" the file it's probably not a good idea to do this yet - it provides good data to test upcoming features with, such as selectable and sortable columns in the "summary" view and statistics. Apart from that, the user interface gives some hints about planned but not yet implemented features. Some columns in the Summary view are truncated; you can hover your mouse or otherwise retrieve a title attribute to get the full string; the plan is to make the length(s) configurable to suit your own font and window size.
Please note that the development and documentation pages still need to be created or updated!

Sorry, only administrators can maintain the spam log

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